Home Plate Portal

An example of Microservices in Action

Baseball has been this country's pasttime for longer than any of us can remember.

The players, coaches and fans all bring excitement to the sport. While we love the Pros, we are capable of a more intimate interaction with our local high school and travel teams, as WE are often the coaches... and of course the fans.

But organizing and gathering all the information we need when involved in a sport we love takes time, effort, and diligence. It can be a tiresome task. But what if we manage our teams online? What if we could instantly notify the players, parents, and fans of changes in schedule, or the outcome of a tournament, or ways to contact coaches? Even view player stats?

Home Plate Portal !

The purpose of Home Plate Portal is to give an organization the ability to manage the team with as little hassle as possible. From publishing the practice schedule to notifying players and parents of fundraising events, to even collecting statistics for each player, if it could all happen in a single central place, our time could then be better spent focusing on the TEAM and the GAME, instead of administrative tasks.

Home Plate Portal strives to give this functionality to an organization. Coaches, players, parents and fans can access the site at any time. The Adminstrator of the site can even designate certain users for certain roles: Schedules are maintained by a Scheduler, Fundraising is managed by the Fundraising Secretary. And of course coaches can enter rosters and statistics for their players! All under a single site.

Home Plate Portal will also track a team through many seasons. While players may come and go, the team, especially a high school team, continiues to strive for that next game win, tournament, or even championship... by maintaining the continutiy of the team through multiple seasons, the team builds a sense of pride and community. Home Plate Portal can make that happen.

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